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Shower Screen and Mirrors

In a frantic world, your bathroom is the place to relax and indulge yourself. More than simply practical, a bathroom should be a beautiful place where you can shut the door and let the world drift away.

Every bathroom is different and space is generally at a premium. Just Glass shower screens are so adaptable they become part of the surroundings as soon as they are fitted. Just Glass makes screens to fit almost anywhere - in a corner, behind a wall or over a bath or spa.

Just Glass can help you decide which type of door you need. If space is restricted, a traditional sliding door is probably your best option. If there is room for a swinging door, then a pivot door allows you wider access and should be considered.

All Just Glass enclosures , shower doors and bath screens are made with toughened safety glass, with frames made from the highest-grade aluminium.

Pivot Shower Screens

Pivot doors are the most popular choice in shower screens. They have a wider opening than traditional sliding doors. The clean, uninterrupted expanse of glass makes them less obtrusive, especially with slim modern frames.

Sliding Shower Screens

Shower screens can be custom made to whatever configuration best suits your bathroom, with left or right opening doors, or even a pivot door if you prefer.


Permanent protective coatings for all glass, tile and grout surfaces. Click here for more information.