Don’t risk using an unqualified installer.

Float Glass

If broken, creates razor-sharp
shards that can cause severe
lacerations to both people and pets.

Toughened Glass

If broken, breaks
into hundreds of small fragments
posing little to no risk of injury.

An qualified glazier will know that float glass is not a suitable for a glass Pet Door. It is specified in the Australian Standard AS1288. The glass integrity is weakened by the hole cut into it. Also, the glass is subjected to high levels of mechanical stress as your pet pushes open the pet door.

This is because the integrity of the glass is weakened by the hole cut into it. Further, the glass will be subjected to stress that float glass is not designed to withstand when the dog passes through the dog door.

Just Glass will always recommend and only use A-Grade Toughened Safety Glass regardless of where the panel is located. This type of glass provides both strength (toughened glass is approximately 5 times stronger than float glass) and is much safer. When broken, toughened glass breaks into hundreds of small fragments posing little to no risk of injury.

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Quality tested & reliable product which is fully guaranteed
Suit both glass, security & insect doors or windows
Qualified professional installers ensure a neat and secure job
Can be fully installed onsite within 7 days
Perth based business servicing both North & South of the River
Over 35 years experience in glass installation.

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