24-Hour Emergency Glass Replacement

If your window is broken outside regular business hours or on a weekend, we’ll arrive shortly after you call us and assess the damage. Depending on the window size, the extent of the damage, and the time of day, we’ll either board up the window until we can return with the correct glass replacement or repair it right there.

The first thing we’ll do is clean up the glass and make the building safe and secure. We’ll provide a quote and, if possible, get to work straight away to replace your broken glass.

Wood Stove Heat Resistant Glass Replacement

Due to extreme temperatures, wood stove glass is heat resistant glass made from ceramic. We are experienced in wood fire door / wood stove door glass replacements and have replaced glass to many different varies of doors. No matter how old or how new we can help you. Just bring your fire door down to our office and we can give you a price straight away.
*Please note some glass is discontinued and no longer available but often can put a pattern close to original instead.*

Car Mirror Replacement

Why risk driving with a damaged mirror, when a replacement mirror costs a lot less that you might think. Whether your car mirror is damaged, missing or just want to replace an old convex mirror for a new flat mirror, we can help you. Simply bring a template or remove the mirror insert for us to match. If providing a template please ensure the template matches the insert exactly.
Please note, duty of care liability means we unable to remove the mirror from your vehicle for you.

Picture Frame Glass Replacement

We are able cut any sized picture frame glass in our factory and keep ample stock of both non-reflective as well as clear glass. Bring your picture frame to our factory or email the dimensions and glass thickness required and we can give you a quick quote straight away.

Shower Screen Glass

We can replace glass to a variety of shower glass panels and doors. We can either come to your house and give a free measure and quote to repair onsite or you can bring it in to us and can give you a price to get it repair as quickly as possible. Please note we only stock clear laminated glass and any pattern glass would need to be ordered and can take 4-8 working days to arrive

Leadlight Glass Repairs & Pane Replacement

Just Glass can repair or replace lead lights of any shape of size. Simply email us a picture of the broken panel with an approximate size of the outer lead panel for a quote and the best options available for replacing the pane or repairing the panel. To repair the panel we often need to remove the panel and tempt glaze. A temporary board is pu in place of the removed leadlight panel while repairs are carried out. Depending on the pattern and glass required, repairs can take 5-10 days .

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